The trio experiments with mixing natural acoustics and electronic sound design. Educated in different styles of music they reshape the boundaries of genre in combining early music, classical music and jazz with live electronics. Through extended techniques and sound manipulation they expand the acoustic resonances of the voice, the double bass and the recorder and create a unique language between sound, noise, text, movement, image, music and rhythm. In their work they investigate cooperations and co-creation with artists from other disciplines, aiming to create an interdisciplinary performance culture beyond gender, genre and its boundaries.

Lieve De Sadeleer | recorder, live electronics

Lieve De Sadeleer is a sound artist and recorder player. Home in the so-called early music and electronic music, she performs in both disciplines, whether or not combined. If so, she’s merging the beauty of early music with the sophistication of electronics. Always looking for a balance between acoustic and electronic sounds. She loves to push the boundaries and to find interdisciplinary opportunities.

Jennifer Blom | double bass, live electronics

Jennifer Blom is an educated classical double bassplayer. Always interested in other musical styles, she loves to play in different 'outside the classical box' settings. From here her quest commenced more towards the concept of sound itself. This expressed in exploration on the double bass with live electronics and improvisations. She likes to approach the theatrical aspect of a performance.

Laura Lenhardt | voice, live electronics

A new-age vocalist, performance and sound artist. In her work as a composer for small and large ensembles she mixes structures of improvisation with pre-composed material, as well as poetry and performative arts to create her unique soundscape - sophisticated and cinematic. Besides her interdisciplinary projects, she enjoys investigating the interplay between music and language as well as acoustic and electronics.

14.09.22 BOLSTER[invites] - INNSÆI
Geeraard de Duivelsteen, Gent (BE)
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